What Our Patients Like Most About Our Pharmacy

"Reminds me of my Grandfather's pharmacy, and it is not a conglomerate."

"How nice and attentive everyone is"

"When I use my last refill you automatically request new ones."

"Friendliness; prompt care"

"The people who work there!!"

"People, service, and convenience"

"Friendly staff"

"Fast, friendly, efficient"

"Wonderful staff"

"Love the Christian atmosphere and the welcoming feel!!"


"The welcoming atmosphere, the amazing customer service, and the diverse selection of items to choose from."

"Awesome people"

"The friendly and very knowledgeable staff. Also, I very much like the fact that they are Christian people and they very proudly express that."

"The people and the quick, wonderful service."

"You are fast and have same day service."

"The wonderful and helpful staff ."

"Always consistent!!!"

"The people who work there are awesome."

"The friendliness of the people and the hometown feel."

"Takes our insurance, and most importantly, they care about my daughter's prescriptions and health."

"Best pharmacy ever!"

"Personal service"

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